Wood Clad Windows

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If you are really interested in having wood windows but for maintenance reasons and unruly weather conditions, can’t install them in your house, you don’t have to worry as this is where wood clad windows come to the rescue. Smart manufacturers have innovated these windows in such a way that you can have the looks and appearance of wood windows without going through the rigorous task of maintaining and looking after them.

A heavier and stronger cladding is used for the wooden frame facing the exteriors in wood clad windows. The heavy cladding is generally made from aluminum so that rough weather does not come in the way of its functionality. The metal looks exactly like wood so much so that it is very difficult to point out wood windows from wood clad windows. The metal cladding is only done on the exterior parts while the interior parts consist of pure wood. It is important to get in touch with renowned professionals available at Woodland Hills Window Replacement Experts as we collaborate with reliable manufacturers such as Milgard, El and El Wood Products and Simonton.