Fiberglass Windows

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Touted to be eight times stronger than vinyl windows, fiberglass windows are undoubtedly the most sturdy, long-lasting and resilient windows. Outside weather does not affect these windows in any way. Fiberglass does not develop cracks nor does it absorb moisture. You will not spot any sign of rust on these windows. They are not high maintenance and are not under any threat of termite attacks. Lightweight, sleek, slender yet strong in nature, fiberglass windows are built to last. They also come in many colors and styles so you can opt for the one that best suits your fancy.

There are many benefits and plus points when it comes to fiberglass windows but these windows come at a cost too. They are slightly on the higher side of things since they are costlier than any other window material available as manufacturing fiberglass is a labor intensive. Fiberglass can also leak at the sides since they are mechanically fixed to the window opening. You will need a proper sealant so that the window is sealed effectively. You also need to be wary about direct sunlight as the UV rays of the sun can fade fiberglass to a certain degree.

At Woodland Hills Window Replacement Experts, we will offer you a detailed description of fiberglass windows so that you are well aware about all of the benefits and drawbacks of installing them in your residential area.