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If you live in an environment that is replete with pristine views and mesmerizing surroundings, installing sliding patio doors help you enjoy the sceneries outside while sitting in the comfort of your home. It is great for houses that are short on space. You can easily get a sliding door made from timber and glass as it is quick to install. It lets in plenty of natural light in the house and so casts a magical glow all over. It also helps to give the impression that the room is spacious. You can easily open and close these doors, without any fear that it will come in the way of any object or item.

However, if you play host to many parties and get-togethers, you might want to think twice before installing a sliding patio door as it can be difficult to open and close these doors from time to time. When it comes to the budget frontier, these doors may be slightly on the higher side of things. Although the glass of the door is thick, it can break when force is applied to it. This can even happen with other doors as well, so it is best to have tempered glass installed. You can always get in touch with our professionals at Woodland Hills Window Replacement Experts, for all your sliding patio door needs.

Kinds of Sliding Patio Doors

Broadly speaking, there are three types of sliding patio doors.

  1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Door
    There are two panels, in a two panel sliding patio door. One of these panels is fixed while the other panel glides. You can think about installing this door when there is not much space available on the wall.
  2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Door
    When you compare these doors to the two panel sliding patio doors, you will realize that these doors offer you a better view of the surroundings and let a greater amount of sunlight enter into your house. These doors come with two fixed panels and one sliding panel in the centre that can glide on either side of the fixed panels.
  3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door
    If you have a living room that is attached to a balcony, you need to consider installing four panel sliding patio doors as they merge the two spaces into one. Since it comes with two fixed and two moving panels, it opens in a wider manner making it possible to tow in bulky luggage.

You can always get in touch with Woodland Hills Window Replacement Experts if you are confused about the right kind of sliding patio door for you and our experts will help you with the same in an efficient manner.